Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's Renovation Time Again!

We are at it again!  Up to our elbows in mess!

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to move our bedroom, you know the one I totally redid last year, back to our original room.

When we bought this three bedroom one bath house 16 years ago with our three children we decided to make the family room into our bedroom and give each of our children their own room.  Well fast forward to an empty nest and we can have any room we'd like now.

In 2006 we purchased another home and paid this one off and kept it as a rental.  Things did not go well for our business and we ended up back in this house by Aug. 2010, less one kid.

We decided to move in to the larger of the three bedrooms and keep the family room as a family room which worked out well as our younger daughter met and married a young man who got out of the Army a year or so after their marriage which led to them moving back in with us temporarily, so we put them in the family room since it was large enough to accommodate them and their children.

After they got adjusted to civilian life and got back into their own place, I decided to give my husband full rein of the family room as a "man cave".  Well this was fine and great other than it was only used as a storage place for all his "man crap".

So now our youngest child is married and out on his own so it's just the hubby and I.  I wanted, maybe even needed a new project to combat the empty nest blues along with a few other bluesy things going on in my life and for me, renovation is the perfect remedy!

Of course I will post pictures in the coming days as we get everything together.

Wish me luck as I am going to try out a few new techniques I have been seeing on pinterest!

Happy wife, happy life!

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