Monday, June 3, 2013

Let The Home Renovations Begin! Kitchen/Living Room

So the story goes as follows:

End of March-Beginning of April time frame.
In-laws are in town for a visit.
Father-in-Law (FIL) is an electrician who always does small projects for me when he is visiting.

FIL: So what kind of projects are you working on

ME: We are kicking around the idea of making a breakfast bar between the kitchen and living room. Darren (Hubby) says that it is not a load bearing wall so we should be fine to make a breakfast bar here.  But I kinda wonder what it would be like to take the entire wall out.

FIL: Let's find out!


Hubby doing some measuring on the living room side

Hubby Directing son

FIL on the kitchen side

Two hours and a lot of dust later!  No wall!!!

Just a big open space...So now what do I do with this? You can see that I had previously painted my cabinets white and green.

I decided I wanted to do decorative bead board as a backing to the cabinets...still green...

Then I painted all the cabinets a beautiful steel grey (Valspar Steel City to be exact) and I used Valspar Pearl Ash on the inside.
I decided to use the bead board on the lower cabinet doors too!

I went bold with Valspar Apple a Day

Still finding a home for everything but decorating coming along beautifully!

This is pretty much where we are at right now.  The exception is that we have a portable island that we have had for many years lined up with the dishwasher lengthwise in the kitchen.  The cabinets to the right will be going into the pantry and I will be adding a small retro kitchen table on that wall. I also still have a ton of painting to do as well as new flooring to install and a couple more can lights to bring balance to the room.  Part two of our kitchen/living room reno will be starting soon!

And I loved the red so much I decided to paint my entry door with it!
 My sweet little grandson Liam!
My house has been in a cloud of dust for what feels like months now!  Oh wait, it has been months!  You know, once one project starts, another is bound to be close behind!