Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Unglamorous Life

Today I am doing the thing that I find most boring and unglamorous. I am cutting out pattern pieces. BLAH!  Well, right now I am taking a break between sheets. And I mean HUGE sheets!

 Sunlight coming through the window onto my pattern sheet

I am currently working on Simplicity Pattern 2169;there are 33 pieces for these four bags.

I am cutting out all of the pieces for the four bags at once just to make it easier in the long run, but it is soooooo boring and tedious!

I am working on the ruffled purse. I LOVE ruffles! Up to now I have not relied much on these types of patterns; instead, relying on  patterns that give me dimensions for which I create my own pattern.

Like this one:

Or I just wing it and create a pattern all on my own.

Like this one:
But this time, I wanted to refine what I was doing with the ruffle and so left it to the experts and purchased a professional pattern.

Hopefully tonight I will be able to actually SEW!  I will post the results as soon as I have them, Wish me luck!

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