Sunday, December 11, 2016

Decisions, decisions

So, its the end of 2016 and I have decided I probably ought to decide if I'm going to get serious about writing again or not. I have not even posted all year! Life has been... Life lately.... A long lately. But this time of the year I always get my notice that it's time to pay for my web name and I have to decide if I want to ad if I do it than darn it, I need to be writing. Anyone else ever suffer from long term writers block?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Easy Fabric Storage

As we have been remodeling our house over the past two years, my sewing room has undergone many facelifts.  I am currently waiting for the new laundry room to be put in so I can take the space from the old one and hopefully add it to my sewing room. We still need to check to see if the wall is load bearing. In the meantime, I want to share a super easy and super inexpensive method for storing fabric.

As you can see in this before photo my space was a complete mess!  Of course we were using this room as a staging room for all of our new flooring so there is that too, but look on the left side as that messy, piled up fabric!

Zoomed in to my fabric storage mess!

So here is what I came up with! I got these clips at Walmart and they were very inexpensive. The wire clips can be found in the area where the curtain rods are located, the white clips can be found in the laundry section, where you find cloths pins and irons, not the detergent section.

The wire clips can be opened up and slipped onto the plastic clip. 

Slide the wire clips onto a rod. I used a shower curtain rod. For added support we bought these things from the hardware store. I wish I knew what they were called. Normally they are used to support closet rods so I found them in the area of Home Depot that sells closet systems.

And you are ready to hang any smaller amounts of fabric you have.
Additionally, we went to Joann Fabric and at the cut desk I asked for all the cardboard bolts they have and they happily handed them all over to me for free!  I had to go back and get more two more times, lol.

And here is the result!  I cut some of the bolts into four pieces to create mini bolts and left a few at their normal size for the fabric which I had several yards of.

Another view of a (mostly) cleaned sewing room, complete with new flooring. YAY!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's Renovation Time Again!

We are at it again!  Up to our elbows in mess!

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to move our bedroom, you know the one I totally redid last year, back to our original room.

When we bought this three bedroom one bath house 16 years ago with our three children we decided to make the family room into our bedroom and give each of our children their own room.  Well fast forward to an empty nest and we can have any room we'd like now.

In 2006 we purchased another home and paid this one off and kept it as a rental.  Things did not go well for our business and we ended up back in this house by Aug. 2010, less one kid.

We decided to move in to the larger of the three bedrooms and keep the family room as a family room which worked out well as our younger daughter met and married a young man who got out of the Army a year or so after their marriage which led to them moving back in with us temporarily, so we put them in the family room since it was large enough to accommodate them and their children.

After they got adjusted to civilian life and got back into their own place, I decided to give my husband full rein of the family room as a "man cave".  Well this was fine and great other than it was only used as a storage place for all his "man crap".

So now our youngest child is married and out on his own so it's just the hubby and I.  I wanted, maybe even needed a new project to combat the empty nest blues along with a few other bluesy things going on in my life and for me, renovation is the perfect remedy!

Of course I will post pictures in the coming days as we get everything together.

Wish me luck as I am going to try out a few new techniques I have been seeing on pinterest!

Happy wife, happy life!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Handmade paper

Hubby and I learned to make handmade paper this past summer.  Here are a few pictures.  I'm feeling a tutorial coming on.  So fun and easy!

Tub of papery water

Hubby enjoying the process
A couple sheets drying

Another sheet drying

Country Wedding

My niece got married this past October.  I was asked to work on wedding shower ideas and the wedding arch.  This is what I came up with.

A fun gift for the bride and groom

And we used it so that everyone would know they were at the right house

Then I used the same milk jugs from the shower as decor for the wedding arch.  Here is the up close view.

And the arch.  I created the top piece as well.

Chalk Painted Mirrors

Even though I have been MIA from blogging this past year, I have been crafting and trying out lots of new things.  This is one of those things.  I have fallen in love with chalk paint and now I just want to paint EVERYTHING!  Here are two mirrors I did.  I just love the results.

 Mirror before, ok, slightly after, I got a hold of it! I was so excited to start that I forgot to take the before photo. 

And After

Another mirror, before

And After!

Super fun and super easy with gorgeous results!

Promises, Promises

I know, I've said it a dozen times before, I will write more blog posts.  Well, what I want to say is that I WILL do just that, but dang, that's a scary idea for me to promise.  But I am working on better follow through this year.  I realize that I allow life to control me rather than me controlling my life.  And I say this knowing I am a complete control freak and I need to learn to let go of control. BUT at the same time, I can't do nothing.

Yes, I know, I'm babbling.

Truth is, once again, I am bouncing back from something awful.  The last half of 2014 was mostly a lot of tears and heartache for me.  Without all the gory details, I'll just say that my youngest child, my only son has done a complete 180 and has left his family out in the cold.  I can't get into the painful details as I just choose not to dwell in that place.

So my life now is all about serving God, my husband, my daughters and their children.  I will be watching 4 of my six grandchildren this year while their mother is in pre-nursing school. I'm looking forward to that, even though I know it is going to take a lot of my time and energy.  It's something I really feel I need to do and truth is, after the bitter slap in the face by my son, I need to feel needed.

My career focus will be on selling what I sew.  I am really praying and hoping to be able to get better about blogging, posting to my facebook page, (From the Sewing Room) sewing and selling.

My goal is to build a better online presence and to build a readership. I know the only way to do that is to become more dedicated to the goal.  So I don't want to make any promises to you, but instead, I want to make a promise to myself.

I promise myself that I will be more dedicated to my goals this year, whatever form that takes.